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A core belief at C Global is that organizations can be the source of infinite capacity and imagination. We think in organizations and in people there is always the potential to grow and ultimately thrive. To elicit the best in leaders and teams, we offer engaging frameworks and new ways of thinking. If you are looking for a fresh perspective, you may consider reaching out to one of our partners below.

Partners and Staff

Antony G. Hacking, Ph.D.


• 20 years as Organizational Consultant, Trainer, Mediator, and Coach

• Delivered consulting interventions and training programs in 28 countries on themes of team effectiveness, leadership, performance management, client orientation, collaboration skills, leveraging global diversity, executive decision-making, supervisory skills, ethics, and transformative mediation for more than fifty thousand managers and staff.

Sandra Hayes, Ed.D.


• Organization and leadership expert with over 20 years of experience developing individuals and teams.

• Experienced coach and facilitator of action learning, strategy development, and team building programs.

• Columbia University adjunct professor having designed and taught courses in collaborative conflict negotiation, adult program development, leadership, intercultural communications, and action research.

Yaron Prywes, Ph.D.


• Certified professional: Coaching psychologist with 10+ years of experience

• Comfortable at the top: Coached 17 c-suite executives in 2020, logging over 225 hours of 1-on-1 time

• Rigorous academic: 5+ years as a Columbia University Lecturer and Adjunct Professor; Lead author on empirical coaching studies, and up-to-date with latest developments

• An artist: Blends a gentle spirit with a cutting mind in all his conversations; Author of a forthcoming book titled “Visual Coaching”

Jeanette Mayer

Director of Operations

Julianne Wotasik

Executive Assistant


C Global has launched multiple additional companies and products to support our work with leaders and team including: