about c global


C Global is a world-class coaching and consulting company whose mission is to promote leadership and team development within organizations. We seek to understand the unique challenges and opportunities each client faces, so that together thoughtful, bespoke programs are created.

Grounded in Evidence
Our leadership and team interventions are always grounded in evidence-based best practices. We credit this approach, and our value of high-quality work, as the reasons why clients achieve results when they partner with us.  

Global in Perspective
C Global is headquartered in New York City. For almost 20 years we and our strategic partners have provided high-impact programs to over 100 clients in over 30 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. We have supported a range of organizations in both the private and public sectors, always seeking to utilize the breadth of our experience and adapt what we’ve seen work to a client’s unique context.

Innovative in Approach
A core belief at C Global is that what is focused on often becomes reality. We believe that under the right conditions, people have infinite capacity and imagination. Therefore, our approach initially builds on people’s strengths. This not only creates a fast-track to improvement but also offers an energizing glimpse of a positive future for clients.

We think in organizations and in people what is good and possible can sometimes get lost. Our practice involves engaging frameworks that elicit the best in leaders and teams. We thrive on the idea that what is focused on often becomes reality, so we take an approach that builds on strengths and uses those strengths to better areas needing improvement. This approach is energizing for our clients because it bolsters confidence and offers a glimpse into a positive future.

A core belief at C Global is that organizations can be the source of infinite capacity and imagination.

Is C Global a “Good Fit”?

Trust is the cornerstone for all productive coaching and consulting relationships. You can count on us to be personal, direct, and discrete when discussing the challenges you and your organization are facing. To see if C Global’s approach fits with your organization’s needs, we suggest scheduling a free 30-minute “good fit” conversation.