C Global coaches are world-class. They deliver a high-quality experience whether coaching leaders 1-on-1 or in a group setting. By partnering with us, you can expect your organization’s leaders to become more self-aware, think more systemically, and ultimately feel more equipped to navigate the complexity they face.


C Global leadership coaching is an action-based process of learning and change. We utilize best practices of executive development to promote a leader’s growth and improved performance. When people consider utilizing our coaching services, we suggest a “good-fit” conversation so that both parties can explore potential fit. During these conversations we often discuss the dream, the plan, and the process of coaching.

What’s the Dream?

Coaching is a deliberate and intentional partnership that promotes growth and change. It helps clients identify and pursue their leadership dreams. Concretely, clients are asked at the beginning of an engagement, “What does success look like?” and “What are you hoping to achieve?” It is important to pinpoint a leader’s driving motivation for change or the client’s goal pursuit may falter. Rather than striving for a goal just because a person feel they “should” do it, tapping into a client’s dream helps find their genuine inner-drive for change and maximizes the chance for a sustainable outcome.

What’s the Plan?

Clients actualize their dreams by formulating concrete, down-to-earth action plans. They articulate both their strengths and opportunities for change. Clients also add corresponding goals, each of which is clear and specific. This allows for new behaviors that can be implemented on a daily basis. Throughout the engagement, the coach and client are mindful that the “plan” is a living document. It is revised as the client’s learning deepens and his or her context evolves. Clients appreciate our energizing and deliberate process. We tap into clients’ internal resources including their hidden strengths.  We also offer external resources, such as books and diagnostic tools, to promote development.

What’s the Process?

Our 1-on-1 coaching process has the steps identified in the diagram below. It begins with a “good fit” conversation to give both the coach and client a feel for what it would be like to work together. Once a match is made, a series of data-gathering activities are launched. This often includes “welcome” questionnaires, psychometric assessments, and stakeholder interviews. Throughout the engagement, coaches generate insights for clients by asking thoughtful questions. We help clients clarify issues, elicit possibilities and ultimately produce sustainable solutions. Alignment meetings with important stakeholders also generate buy-in and support for clients’ short-term and long-term development.

Coaching Process


What Outcomes Can We Expect and Who’s Involved?

Identify Success Outcomes
• Understand challenge and opportunity
• Assess situation and readiness
• Identify alignment with goals
• Establish coaching goals in collaboration with the manager
Assess & Provide Feedback
• Administer 360-degree feedback
• Meet manager to review results
• Schedule live sessions and interim phone email support
• Gain insights regarding strengths and gaps
• Draft action plan
Strategize & Action Plan
• Develop an action plan and buy-in from the manager
• Use focused deliberate practices to develop and grow
• Log successful behaviors and challenges
• Enlist support from key stakeholders
Execute & Integrate Learning
• Support action plans and specific goals; update as needed; measure progress
• Organic periodic meetings with stakeholders and provide them with one-page progress report
Measure Results & Create Path Forward
• Measure overall results
• Final wrap-up meeting with the manager
• Acknowledge success and failure challenges
• Discuss sustaining change
• Progress check after 3 months
To the left are buttons that reveal additional information about the content and outcomes often associated with each step of a 1-on-1 coaching engagement. Click the red + sign if you like. Since it often “takes a village”, client managers, and other important stakeholders, are involved in the coaching process, either through interviews, 360-degree feedback surveys, or alignment meetings to increase impact.

How do we manage sensitive, private information?

We often see coaches operating in organizations hide behind a “curtain of confidentiality”. Their intentions are honorable (as privacy and trust are key to a strong coach-client partnership), and the problem likely has roots in coaches transferring a therapeutic model to the workplace (confidentiality is absolute and legally protected in therapy). That said, Human Resource / Talent Management (HRTM) personnel are actually entitled to information about the coaching engagements occurring in their organization. We at C Global use our “confidentiality spectrum” tool to help all stakeholders get on the same page about exactly what information is shared with who. For example, the dates and the length of sessions should be shared with HRTM personnel, at a minimum. (Feel free to reach out to a C Global Partner to learn more about what else can be shared, to help you navigate sensitive coaching engagements).

What about group coaching?

C Global is able to scale coaching beyond 1-on-1 coaching engagements. We have facilitated custom leadership development programs for numerous, diverse organizations that infuses a mix of 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching, and training on specific topics. To maximize impact we tailor our approach to meet the needs of the organization’s coaching needs.

For example, some organizations prefer people travel offsite for a three-day program to unplug and focus intensely on their professional effectiveness. Others prefer to choreograph a series of short two or three-hour sessions onsite. Regardless of format or location, C Global recommends assessing the strengths and areas for potential development of each participant, often with a 360-degree feedback and NBI Thinking Preference assessment.

How big is your leadership coaching need?

Depending on the size of the program, C Global may utilize multiple resources to help guide and scale the development of a group of participants. For example, previously we have deployed three resources (i.e., two coaches and one trainer) for a cohort of 16 participants. This allows us to mix in large group trainings (i.e., to teach everyone critical communication and influencing skills), with small group dialogue (i.e, 8 participants cross-pollinate their learning and experience), as well as some individual, 1-on-1 time with a coach. We like to give intense attention to each participant in our group programs to help them understand and confront their personal barriers to achieving their leadership vision. When participants emerge from our leadership programs they report feeling empowered, and are armed with a professional action plan they are motivated to pursue. Alumni have called the overall experience a “gift” for both them personally and the teams they lead.

Example: Facilitated three-day leadership development program for 64 leaders of a global organization that included customized assessments, action planning, and manager alignment meetings. Program ranked #1 relative to 31 other programs in the organization, with a 95/100 impact index score, a 97/100 perception index score, and a 96/100 global assessment score.

Is C Global a “Good Fit”?

Trust is the cornerstone for all productive coaching and consulting relationships. You can count on us to be personal, direct, and discrete when discussing the challenges you and your organization are facing. To see if C Global’s approach fits with your organization’s needs, we suggest scheduling a free 30-minute “good fit” conversation.