Organization Change

At C Global, we understand that change can result from strategic interventions at any level of the organization — individual, team, department or whole system — and we have experience working with all of these as well as determining which might be best given the circumstances. Our approach focuses on the use of participatory and metrics-driven processes for creating and sustaining change.

Organization Assessment – We offer organization-wide assessment using a mixture of data collection methods such as climate surveys, interviews, focus groups and archival data in order to gain an understanding of the organizations strengths and areas for change. Our assessment focuses on identifying both the transformational as well as transactional factors that require change in order for the organization to achieve optimal alignment given its mission and strategy.

Organization Intervention – Using the results and insights gained from the organization assessment if available, we co-design with the client initiatives to improve transformational (i.e. leadership, strategy, climate, structure, etc…) or transactional factors (i.e. management, work unit climate, motivation, systems, etc…) of the organization. Interventions can range from strategic planning, to improving morale through large group methods such as Appreciative Inquiry or Open Space, to developing system-wide coaching program for managers in order to boost individual and team performance, or to developing a climate for creativity and innovation within and across organizational units.

Organization Evaluation – in addition to assessment and intervention, our approach to organization change ultimately rests on measuring outcomes of any change initiative. We use a balanced and multi-level framework for identifying the leading and lagging indicators relevant to the change effort at hand. Our metrics identifies both the key organizational processes that lead to desired organizational outcomes as well as measures for the desired outcomes themselves.

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