Leadership Development

As the primary architects of culture and strategy in organizations, leaders at every level must have opportunities for continued learning and development. C Global provides leadership development for both new and seasoned leaders in many different organizational or community contexts. Our primary focus is to help leaders build the critical capacity to successfully orchestrate positive change.

Our four general service areas include:

Coaching – Our high impact coaching can support you or your team with overall effectiveness, ability to influence, meeting goals, mediating conflict, motivating staff and managing complexity. At C Global we also can:
1) Help you develop internal coaches and a create an organizational culture of coaching;
2) Evaluate the effectiveness of your coaching programs;
3) Enhance your self-awareness using psychological assessments including the WholeBrain Creativity NBI™ Assessment, the LeaderNation™ 360 feedback survey, and the AEIOU™ negotiation and conflict communication skills assessment.

Consulting – We assist clients in creating, implementing and evaluating integrated leadership development programs. Our approach begins with co-creating with you a customized leadership competency model followed by use of the LeaderNation™ 360 survey technology based on your competency model. We follow with a range of blended learning initiatives including coaching, in-class training, asynchronous learning (i.e. podcast, e-learning, webinars), and action learning. Finally, if desired, we can measure the impact of your program using a range of criteria and relevant outcomes.

Workshops – We provide a range of traditional training or blended learning programs for leaders at any level that focus on developing competencies such as: conflict management, global diversity, ethics, negotiation skills, coaching skills and more. We also facilitate action learning sessions for targeted groups such as leaders at various levels of the organization’s hierarchy or for groups such as women and minorities.

Assessments – We offer a number of psychological assessments for developing leadership effectiveness. These assessments can be purchased as stand-alone products or can be combined with coaching, consulting and/or training interventions. While we are experienced in the use of a range of assessments including MBTI, Intercultural Conflict Styles Inventory, DiSC, LIFO and others, we have extensive experience using LeaderNation™ for 360 leadership development surveys, the AEIOU™ assessment for building negotiation and effective conflict communication behaviors, and the WholeBrain Creativity NBI™ Assessment for understanding thinking preferences and style differences.

To learn more about what C Global can do to help you or your organization strengthen your leadership, please contact us at info@cglobal.com or call 212.439.4874.