Conflict Management

Negotiation, mediation and other conflict resolution methods are critical skills needed for life and work. Conflict is a pervasive fact of human life. It occurs between individuals, within work teams, among trade negotiators, within communities and organizations and among nations. It can be about scarce resources, identity-group polarization, power, injustice or just plain misunderstanding. We can try to avoid it, compete as adversaries, or use cutting edge collaborative practices for superior results.

At C Global, we have over twenty years of experience providing conflict management services to people and organizations around the world. These include:

Training – We offer a series of customized negotiation and conflict management training programs ranging from 1 day to 5 days in length. Our signature program, Collaborative Negotiation Skills, is a highly interactive and skills-based workshop that focuses on developing negotiation skills for resolving conflict, reaching agreements and transforming differences into creative and positive change. Other popular workshops are:
1) Collaborative Negotiation Skills Follow-Up
2) Advanced Negotiation Skills
3) Mediation and Facilitation Skills
4) International Negotiations

Mediation – We provide professional mediation services to help resolve disputes between individuals or groups. Our approach emphasizes reaching positive, creative agreements and repairing relationships where possible. As we often work inside complex organizational systems, we also work to increase our client’s awareness of needed change at multiple organization levels.

Conflict Coaching – Conflict coaching blends traditional coaching approaches with a focus on negotiating and managing differences. We provide individuals or teams with support and assistance with upcoming negotiations or difficult conversations as well as with ongoing issues that have gone badly and need to get back on track.

Consulting – Whether your goal is to develop an integrated conflict management system for your organization or to resolve conflicts occurring within departments, teams or communities, we can customize solutions that meet your specific challenges. We have extensive experience assisting conflicting groups build common ground and designing large group or systems interventions that help manage and transform conflict.

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