Yaron Prywes, Ph.D., Partner

Yaron Prywes


Telephone: +1-201-218-7673

Areas of focus:
Coaching, Collaboration, and Change

Yaron Prywes is a consulting psychologist who works with individuals, teams, and organizations to enhance collaboration and achieve excellence. He coaches leaders, trains groups, and facilitates change in a variety of industries including technology, international non-profit, and municipal government. Yaron adds value with expertise in coaching research, process consultation, and conflict resolution. To support his work, Yaron co-created LeaderNation©, a web-based leadership development portal that deploys customized 360 degree feedback surveys.
A partial list of clients, large and small, that Yaron has partnered with includes: Ace Asphalt, Beginning Administrators Institute, International Rescue Committee, KIPP: NYC, Lansdale Municipal Government, Sherman and Sterling LLP, Tuesday's Children, Undertone, and the United Nations (UNICEF, UNFPA, UNECA, UNDP, General Secretariat)

Select Coaching Accomplishments

  • International Technology Company. Helped CEO and founder of an international technology company to increase awareness of how his strengths and weaknesses were impacting his executive team, as well as the culture of his 200+ employee organization.
  • Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant. Coached director who was managing conflict between his operators and maintenance staff.
  • Global Maternal Health Fund. Coached a technical specialist to develop negotiation skills and “managing up” strategy.
  • Borough Manager. Coached chief executive of a municipal government as she led a major change management initiative that balanced numerous stakeholder interests including elected officials.
  • Community Mental Health Center. Coached executive director to increase awareness of how his personal role definition both supported and limited his ability to meet the organization’s demands placed on him.
  • West-coast Learning Organization. Evaluated the effectiveness of a coaching technique called goal attainment scaling by providing coaching to 50 participants including a control group. Findings indicated that participants who received coaching performed approximately 30 percent better than those who did not, after goal difficulty was accounted for.
  • International Law Firm. Conducted a 2-year evaluation of a coaching program for an international law firm finding evidence that coaching, (1) enhanced self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses, (2) enhanced job satisfaction, and (3) improved communication skills.
  • Global Humanitarian Crisis Organization. Facilitated a 3-day training program to equip managers to read and conduct coaching conversations involving staff 360 degree feedback reports.

Select Training & Facilitation Accomplishments

  • International Technology Company. Co-facilitated a series of 9 monthly sessions for mid-level managers to develop their leadership skills and to enhance their ability to collaborate effectively across functions including sales, IT, analytics, and inventory.
  • Commercial Construction Company. Assisted the creation and launch of a tailored 360 degree feedback instrument for the executive team of one of the largest and fastest growing grading and pavement maintenance companies in the country.
  • Global Non-Profit. Continually delivered collaborative communications program for hundreds of professional staff over the past four years in various duty stations worldwide including Nairobi, Geneva and New York.
  • International Development Agency. Facilitated professional orientation for global staff that includes modules on conflict resolution and leveraging diversity.
  • Global Development Network. Helped facilitate gathering of hundreds of professional staff from the Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Response at an off-site retreat where live simulations helped the organization determine inefficiencies and best practices.
  • International Children Advocacy Organization. Conducting an evaluation of the organization’s emerging talent initiative, which seeks to identify and groom high-potential professionals.
  • Municipal Government. Conducting professional development training for approximately 100 employees of a municipality including Police Chief and Directors of Utilities, Parks and Recreation, and Public Works.
  • Non-Governmental Organization. Facilitated leadership development program for young adults around the world who lost a parent to politically motivated violence.

Recent Presentations

  • Keynote speaker. Invited to present empirical coaching research findings to the Coaching Hudson Institute Conference in 2011.
  • Radio appearances. Invited as a leadership expert on numerous radio stations in Chicago, Phoenix, and Memphis after publishing The Nature of Leadership with then President of the University of Illinois, Joseph White.
  • Associated press. Interviewed and photographed during live facilitation of Project Common Bond, an international gathering of 75 young adults from 15 countries who lost a parent due to politically motivated violence.
  • Beginning Administrators Institute. Trained dozens of educational leaders in conflict resolution skills.
  • Association for Psychological Type. Presentation to New York chapter regarding the intersection of 360 degree feedback and personality assessments in coaching conversations.

Education & Certifications

  • COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, Ph.D. Social-Organizational Psychology (2011)
  • Certified 360 Degree Feedback Consultant (LeaderNation™ 2008)
  • Certified NBI™ Thinking Preferences Consultant (Global Insights 2008)
  • Center for Creative Leadership Adjunct Faculty (2012)

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Yaron is an avid speed-chess player, married to an Emmy-award winning singer, and recently became a father. His family lives in Tenafly, NJ.