Susan Coleman, J.D., M.P.A. , Partner

Susan Coleman


Telephone: +1-845-661-0350

Areas of focus:
Negotiation & Conflict Management, Leadership, Facilitation


  • Negotiation & Conflict Management
    Negotiation & Mediation Training (Collaborative, Complex, Intercultural)
    Mediation (Organizational & Community)
    Negotiation and Conflict Coaching & Consulting
  • Leadership Development, Women’s Leadership Development
    Leadership Groups
    Executive Coaching
  • Facilitation (Small and Large group)
    Future Search, Open Space, mixing and matching large group methods
    Complex systems


  • 20+ years of practice
  • Experience in 18+ countries throughout Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East
  • M.P.A. Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government (1987)
  • J.D. Hofstra University School of Law, Law Review (1983)
  • Former commercial litigator, New York, NY
  • Advanced Cert. Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, Organization and System Development, International Coaching, Working with Groups Intensive
  • Publications: The Handbook of Conflict Resolution (2000, 2006), the Sage Handbook of Conflict Communication (2006) and in the Change Handbook (2006)
  • English and Spanish speaker, some French
  • Biographical Profile
    Susan Coleman’s practice of over 20 years combines the ability to create and deliver highly successful workshops and seminars, with skill in working with individuals, groups or the whole system to resolve differences, develop people and build common ground.

    Coleman has worked with tens of thousands of executives, diplomats, lawyers, educators, non-profit leaders and others from a range of large and smaller organizations including:

  • The United Nations worldwide
  • NASA
  • Columbia University
  • NYC Board of Education
  • Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries
  • Government of Colombia
  • American Express
  • Representatives from Iraqi Kurdistan
  • Project Common Bond
  • Klingenstein Center for Independent School Leadership

    Coleman, formerly President of Coleman Raider International, is now a partner of C Global Consulting in New York City.

    I. Negotiation & Conflict Management

    Coleman has trained tens of thousands of executives, diplomats, lawyers & educators in the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East interest-based, international and trade negotiation as well as mediation. Representative assignments include:

  • Negotiation skills training for international trade teams of the U.S. government
  • Negotiation and mediation skills training for UN agencies worldwide
  • Negotiation skills training for peacekeeping operations
  • Negotiation & mediation skills training for public and private school educators
  • Negotiation & mediation skills graduate programs – Columbia University

    Mediation (Organizational and Community)
    Coleman uses a wide-range of techniques to help pairs, groups or systems to resolve differences and build collaboration. Her intervention style is informed by gestalt theory and practice as well as large group processes such as Open Space and Future Search. Representative assignments include:

  • Mediated intradepartmental conflict in international non-profit
  • Designed and facilitated process to identify common-ground agenda for hundreds of community activists in conflict
  • Mediated dispute for U.S. State Department for two warring factions in Iraqi Kurdistan using interest-based negotiation training combined with “Open Space”
  • Mediated organizational dispute between two academic departments of a university
  • Mediation, UN Ombudsmen and Mediation Services
  • Mediation between senior executive and direct report, large university
  • Designed and facilitated multi-day strategic visioning to unify competing stakeholders
  • Mediated dispute among owners of multi-million dollar family-owned business
  • Partnership dispute
  • Designed retreat/conflict resolution multi-day session for interdepartmental group with interethnic issues
  • Designed and ran teambuilding/conflict resolution session for global company – cultural and technology based issue between home office and subsidiary
  • Mediated sexual harassment claim

    Coaching and Consulting

  • Negotiation coaching of individual trade negotiators, diplomats and others
  • Individual conflict coaching
  • Negotiation consulting
  • Intercultural negotiation coaching

    Program & Curriculum Development

  • Designed start-up conflict resolution program for United Nations Secretariat and various peacekeeping missions including management and delivery of programs worldwide (New York, Geneva, Vienna, Beirut, Santiago, Mexico City, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Bangkok, Cyprus, Kosovo, Sarajevo and the Hague)
  • Served as the Director of International Projects at the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution at Teacher’s College, Columbia University and played a central role in establishing and managing a certificate program in conflict resolution
  • Worked with the New York City Board of Education to create conflict resolution programs in all of the city’s high schools
  • Developed curriculum and delivered training seminars for NASA, the Department of Agriculture (Aphis), and Citibank
  • Developed the on-line tool, AEIOU Assessment of Negotiation and Conflict Communication Behaviors
  • Developed intercultural training materials (with Ellen Raider) that have been used around the world and have been translated into six languages

    II. Leadership Development/Women’s Leadership Development
    Coleman facilitates leadership groups and provides individual executive coaching, with a special focus on supporting women’s leadership development. Representative assignments and experience include:

  • Global Leadership and Peacebuilding, Project Common Bond
  • Coaching, Executive Director, International Non-Profit
  • Facilitation, New Emerging Talent Initiative, UNICEF
  • Coaching, Professional-Level UN Manager
  • Team-building Facilitation, UN Division for the Advancement of Women

    III. Organizational Consulting/Facilitation
    Organizational Consulting

  • UN Ombudsman and Mediation Services
  • Consultant to new environmental start-up on creating an organizational culture of collaboration
  • Consultant to organizational re-design effort of a large university to increase interest-based, internal dispute systems
  • Consultant to large-scale change effort to promote increased service ethic
  • Consultant to NGO in change effort to promote increased collaboration among various departments


  • Team-building session, Office of the Special Coordinator for Africa and the Least Developed Countries
  • Business School Executive-Team Retreat
  • Future Search, Invasive Species Conference
  • HR Retreat, Yeshiva University
  • Open Space, Merger of Two Educational Organizations

    Publications, Certifications, and Other Important Information
    Publications: The Handbook of Conflict Resolution (2000, 2006), the Sage Handbook of Conflict Communication (2006) and in the Change Handbook (2006)

    Memberships: Association of Conflict Resolution, Organization Development Network, Future Search Network

    Associate Editor, Future Search On-Line

    Representative Assessment Tools: AEIOU Assessment of Negotiation and Conflict Communication Behaviors; LeaderNation360; NBI (whole brain); Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode, Globesmart (intercultural literacy); ICS (intercultural conflict style).

    Post Graduate Training
    Working with Groups Intensive, Gestalt OSD Center, Cleveland, Ohio (2009); International Coaching Certification Program, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio (2006), Organization and Systems Development Program, Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio (2002-04), Harvard-MIT Program on Negotiation, Cambridge, MA (1988).

    Academic Degrees
    M.P.A., Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge, MA. (1987)
    J.D., Hofstra University School of Law, (Law Review) Hempstead, NY (1983)

    Coleman has traveled worldwide, and has lived in Latin America. She and her family reside in the Hudson Highlands north of New York City.